Project BC Ipelska - Information Memorandum

A new Business Center, Ipelska, in Košice


The aim of this memorandum is to concisely describe Project BC Ipelska and to show it’s excellent features providing a dynamic work environment combined with some commercial space. In the next phase of the project, the detailed design, we would like to implement the requirements and ideas of a wide range of future clients. The business center contains space for commercial use, offices, and in ground parking . All these can be purchased or rented.

If you are interested or have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Project Manager:
Ing. Henrich Kuchár

Significant features of the project

1. Excellent location and easily accessible by car and public transportation.

The business center is only 1.78 km from Main Street (Peace Marathon Square); The bus stop is

next to the building and the tram stop is only a 3 minutewalk.

2. Many parking spaces.

3. The building has excellent features of lighting and energy efficiency.

4. There are many attractive terraces and entries.

5. The layout of specific parts of the building is flexible for clients’ needs.

It also includes the possibility to increase or reduce the number of lavatories.

6. It has a main reception area with bar and café.

The project of business center Ipelska in Kosice is owned by IQS, s.r.o. (Ltd.). The investor of the project. IQS, s.r.o., is located on Garbiarska Street 5, in Kosice, Slovakia. The investor currently has the following projectdocuments: a summary from the architect, land use decision documentation, EIA (environmental impact assessment) and results of the geological exploration. The investor is also the owner of the land. On 10 January 2011, the investor obtained on a land use decision (zoning Regulations) under the number A/2011/05662-01/II/GAZ.

Start of construction is planned for autumn 2011.Completion is planned by the end of 2012. The architect of the project is G-ATELIER, s.r.o. (Ltd.). Architects are Ing. Arch. Ján Kostrian and
Ing. Arch. Július Rybák, accredited architects of the Slovak and Czech chamber of architects.

Feature of wider area

The surrounding area and facilities are now owned by the University Hospital of L. Pasteur in Kosice. The area is bounded by three urban streets, Ipežská, Popradská and Trieda SNP. The land narrows towards the east.

By granting the land use decision, the city of Kosice has confirmed the change of use for this area, for the needs of this project.

Situation and traffic


The business center will be located on the corner of Popradská Street and Ipežská Street on the land of the investor.

Access for traffic is provided by entry and exit from Popradská Street.

There is a turning lane and a connecting lane.

The building is accessed for pedestrians by a sidewalk, that leads to bus and tram stops.

There will be 123 parking spaces, 98 of which will be underground.

Lay-out, architectural

and technical solution

The building has a unique shaped ground-plan and is designed in three altitudinal levels (in some parts it has 5 floors, in some 3 and in some just 1) It has two underground parking floors.

The ground floor and first floor will be used for commercial spaces (shops, services, etc.

The other floors are designed for offices with variable sizes.

The building has two stairways and two elevators for tenants.

On the ground floor there is an entrance area, and also three commercial spaces for shops or services for rent.

One of these spaces is designed as a bar and café. It is situated next to the entrance area.

The entrance area contains a reception area, lavatories, stairways and elevators.

The entrance to the underground parking is situated on the ground floor on the southeast side of the building.

Solution 2NP

Commercial spaces on the first floor can be entered by their own (third) stairway and elevator.

This allows for independant operation of these areas, as offices are accessible through the central reception on the ground floor.

Commercial spaces on the first floor will be placed around a central hall which will be lit by skylights.


solution 2NP

There is an alternative solution for first floor as well. In this solution there are office spaces instead of commercial spaces.

The layout of this solution is: offices are divided into 3 big areas that are circle an uncovered atrium (The atrium has 88m2 height).

In this solution, access to the first floor is gained by the two main stairways and elevators.

Internal conception

The layout of all offices in the whole business center is highly variable and enables different forms of internal design.

There can be large sized offices or small separate offices (40-80 m2 of usable area). As a result, there is a possibility of increasing or reducing the number of lavatories.


Offices are placed on the four sides of the building. The lavatories and meeting rooms are located in the middle.

All floors are equipped with a small kitchen, a lavatory for wheelchair bound, and a sanitary accommodation. Roof terraces are designed as a combination of paving and grass cover.

The accessibility of the roof terraces is from the two main stairways and directly from some the offices.

The roof terraces can be used as a rest area or for social events.

Balconies can be created according to clients requirements in the four sides of the building.


The whole business center will be air-conditioned. The indoor units will be connected through distribution pipes to the central unit placed on the fifth floor. Air conditioning will be provided through a heat pump that allows the AC to be used for both cooling and heating. The individual AC units in the offices will be either in the ceiling or under the window sill with its own remote control. The building will be heated by its own gas boiler-room situated on the first underground floor.

The technical solution of the structure of the business center is reinforced concrete with a combined four side cover. In December 2010, a detailed geological exploration was performed by GEO Slovakia, s.r.o. (Ltd.) which confirmed that we have good conditions allowing the building to be set on a reinforced concrete base plate.

In the business center these kinds of facilities are available for renting or buying:

A) Non-residential spaces for offices and commercial spaces (shops and services). All together the size of these areas is (excluding common areas, walls and partition walls) 4 545 m2, including 290 m2 of terraces belonging to these areas. The net size of these non-residential areas by floor are ground floor 750 m2, second floor 1.035 m2, third floor 1.080 m2, fourth floor 880 m2 and fifth floor 420 m2, 6NP 380 m2.

B) Underground garage parking spaces: 98

C) Outdoor parking spaces: 25

There is a large attractive terrace 582 m2, which is a part of the common areas.

Business Center Ipelska

Contact Office:

Garbiarska 5, 040 11 Košice, Slovakia
Phone: 055/ 633 39 79, fax: 055/ 633 39 85

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